Inherit the Whole: Review Round-up

What’s been said about Mortar so far? Here’s a round-up of reviews from our inaugural production, Inherit the Whole.

“The brand-spankin’ new Mortar Theatre Company is certainly putting its best foot forward.”
“Dana Lynn Formby’s Inherit the Whole is an ambitious and gritty drama that sets the bar pretty high for this company.”
-Robert Bullen,

“INHERIT THE WHOLE engages with a compelling story about the best kind of family dirt… somebody else’s.”
-Katy Walsh,

“Emotions run high in this powerful drama of desperation and dreaming.”
-Tom Williams,

“The show’s cast is quite magnetic.”
-Rory Leahy,

“The juiciest premise for free-floating conflict since Titus Andronicus.”
-Mary Barnidge, Windy City Times

“[Inherit the Whole] invites comparisons to early Sam Shepard.”
-Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago

“There are some intense fireworks on display here.”
“Those who enjoy thought-provoking, albeit depressing drama will be in heaven here.”
-Joe Stead,

“Dana Lynn Formby sketches the siblings–survivors of abuse and war–with clear-eyed authenticity.”
-Keith Griffith, Chicago Reader

“The performers bring the prerequisite desperate energy to the sad story.”
-Lisa Buscani, NewCity Magazine

“Rarely have I cried at a theatre performance, but I did at the end of Inherit The Whole…”
“Moving play accentuated by tour de force performances.”
-Robin Snead,

“There are some intriguing themes running through Dana Lynn Formby’s family drama…”
-Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

And if you’re a critic who would like to have your say, contact our Marketing Director Michelle Underwood (michelle (at) mortartheatrecompany (dot) org). She’d be happy to get you tickets to an upcoming show.

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