Follow up and thanks: Where have all the audiences gone?

After we posted a few honest questions on our blog a couple weeks back, we got a lot of great feedback—comments, emails, messages, notes, tweets. So many of you were listening (here and abroad!) and contributed to the conversation constructively. Since then, the conversation continues. In our own discussions but, more exciting, across the internet. There’s some more good reading to be had in a couple of blog posts from League of Chicago Theatres and Theater Wit, including some fascinating stats from Theatre Wit from a survey of their patrons they did after a dip in Spring sales.
Furthermore, you showed up! Final weekend we had sold out/big houses to close out our run of BOMBS, BABES AND BINGO. What a great feeling. So whether you contributed with a blog comment or a ticket purchase, here’s a big digital hug for you and a sincere Thank You.
Please keep this going. Keep on emailing us and posting your own questions and thoughts. We have so many exciting ideas out of this experiment and we can’t wait to think of more. We’ll formalize our thoughts and share them with you in the future as we continue this process of discovery. Till then, why not consider contributing to the conversation at a couple of upcoming events:

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