Mortar Theatre is an experiment in rethinking the system. A space for innovative visuals and staging. A connection point where audience and artist dare to be collaborative rebels. An exercise in fearless storytelling.

Values of our company.

As a collaborative group, we’ve discovered the values that are important to us, that we all share and aspire to.

Work Values.
Respect. Inclusiveness. Caring. Passion. Professionalism, yo!

Values of our Work.
Collaborative. Risk-Taking. Experimental. Diverse.


We’ve formed this art-making organization. Now what do we want to do with it? Let these be our guiding principles:

  • Explore new artists. For Mortar, the word “artist” shall always refer to actors, designers, playwrights, dancers, musicians, directors, collaborators, and agitators.
  • Build an artistic community. Fostering relationships with artists leads to exciting discoveries and collaborative working environments.
  • Foster new talent. We’re a non-equity company of volunteers fueled by passion and we think everyone deserves a chance to develop their art.
  • Develop new scripts. The canon needs a refresh, yo!
  • Introduce new works to Chicago. Chicago is blessed with an avid base of theatre-goers excited to try something new.
  • Reimagine old works. We’ve got crazy ideas to try.
  • Challenge the audience and ourselves. Less comfort food, more molecular gastronomy.
  • Leave ourselves open for failure. We’re constantly learning.
  • Innovate. Aesthetics, language, business practices. They’re all up for grabs.
  • Hyperbolic unbridled enthusiasm. We will always be excited!

What is “mortar”?

Mortar is a connective material.
We hope our audience feels a connection to each other by experiencing theatre together.

Mortar is the space between the building blocks.
It may sound flowery, but we think art can help build a better society.

Mortar is a receptacle.
Theatre for us is a literal mixing pot for our ideas and artistic aspirations. We each contribute ingredients from visual and verbal arts to harmoniously create a storytelling experience.

Production History

Season 1:
Inherit the Whole by Dana Lynn Formby. World Premiere.
Under America by Jacob Juntunen. World Premiere.

Season 2:
I Am Montana by Samuel D. Hunter. Chicago Premiere.
Mother Bear by Jayme McGhan. World Premiere.
Graphite Series Reading: Mr. Welfare by Wendell Etherly. Play Development Program.

Season 3:
Corazón de Manzana by Dana Lynn Formby. World Premiere in association with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.
Bombs, Babes and Bingo by Merri Biechler. World Premiere.
Season 4:
AUTUMN MUSE Collaboration with Pegasus Players
Spring 2013 production to be announced soon

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