Chicago Madness

We’re launching Madness in Chicago.

Madness is a monthly series that brings together local artists in a mad dash to create and perform plays written in just one week. Chicago MADNESS is brought to you by Pegasus Players and Mortar Theatre and curated by playwright Dana Lynn Formby.

Popular in New York and Minneapolis, MADNESS is an idea-generating process where playwrights, directors and actors create theatre pieces in an exciting time- restricted setting. Each MADNESS event is kicked off with the selection of a theme, style or concept. From this inspiration, playwrights create five- to ten-minute plays before kicking it to their directors who rehearse and develop the new scripts with actors. The process culminates in a performance of all the pieces at the end of the one-week deadline.

MADNESS is a place for actors, directors, playwrights, and theatre lovers in general to network and exercise their creative muscles in Chicago. The performances happen late at night so you can still be in a show or rehearsal and come over after. Come take part of this amazing artistic community our city has to offer!

We’re kicking off Chicago Madness the Pegasus Player’s space, the Beacon Street Leo Lerner Theatre located at 4520 N. Beacon Street (off the Wilson Red Line). Each Madness event will need actors and directors for up to 10 pieces. Casting will happen as the week’s pieces are written through the Chicago Madness facebook page. You must like us on facebook at to get involved.

How does casting work?
Playwrights are given a prompt the week before the performance and they begin to write their pieces immediately. As roles are created, they will be posted to the Chicago Madness Facebook page for casting. Directors will also be needed for each piece. Like the Facebook page to get these updates.

If you see something that interests you, comment on the posting and we will contact you. Example post: “We need someone who can dance for this week’s MADNESS.” Or “We need someone who can play a mom.” You would then respond on the facebook post with interest and someone from MADNESS will coordinate with you to work out the rehearsal schedule.

Friday September 28 is the first edition of the all-new CHICAGO MADNESS! This week’s theme is: UNICORN!


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