Inherit the Whole

Mortar Theatre Company Presents Inherit the Whole by Dana Lynn Formby

A World Premiere Work
by Dana Lynn Formby   |   directed by Jason Boat

The world premiere of Inherit the Whole was presented by Mortar Theatre Company at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago, IL in June 2010.

Inherit the Whole is the story of a Vietnam vet, Doug, who has given up on the world in order to create peace for himself in the house his parents left him. His family pays a visit, looking for a rumored trunk of gold their dad buried under the house nearly thirty years ago. To prove the gold doesn’t exist, Doug joins his family in ripping through the floorboards of his own house. As he digs deeper into the ground, he finds a glimmer of hope—causing him to give up on the peace he almost found.

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“Rarely have I cried at a theatre performance, but I did at the end of Inherit The Whole…”

-Robin Snead,

Production Photos by Tom McGrath.

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