Steppenwolf Explore 2010

Mortar Theatre was invited to perform at a special one-night event in conjunction with Steppenwolf Theatre’s Fall 2010 production of Detroit by Lisa D’Amour.

Steppenwolf invited visual artists, performance artists and musicians to translate the themes of suburbia in Detroit. The entire event was set to Arcade Fire’s album The Suburbs. Mortar artists created a performance piece called “HomeRun” set to the track Flatland (Sprawl 1).

Participating Artists:
Sentell Harper, Jon Patrick Penick, Jon Sharlow, Rachel Edwards Harvith, Stephanie Stroud, Michelle Underwood.

Check out the photo album on Steppenwolf’s website »

Thanks to Joel Moorman for the photos.

Mortar Theatre Company performs at EXPLORE

Mortar Theatre Company performing "HomeRun" at EXPLORE

Mortar's performance piece "HomeRun"

Performers Rachel Edwards Harvith, Jon Sharlow, Sentell Harper, Michelle Underwood and Jon Penick.

Mortar performs for Steppenwolf at EXPLORE

Performers Rachel Edwards Harvith, Michelle Underwood, Sentell Harper and Jon Penick at EXPLORE.


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