Vet Art Event 2009

November 11th, 2009

A Vet Art Event:
The Journey Home: A Veteran’s Day Event on War, Service and Homecoming

Armed with Peanut Butter
by Dana Lynn Formby

Clarice, a mother and wife, has been institutionalized. She is determined to waste away by starving herself. Her husband interrupts her plans when he shows up from the grocery store armed with peanut butter.

Stephanie Stroud (actor), Jason Boat (director), Derek Garza (actor)

Stephanie Stroud (actor), Jason Boat (director), Derek Garza (actor)

Saddam’s Lions
by Jacob Juntunen

After her return from Iraq, Rashida skips out on her own homecoming party. Her brother, Jon, wants to help her reintegrate into society, but she is convinced that no one will understand after her time with Saddam’s lions.

Sentell Harper (actor), Jacob Juntunen (playwright), Sharriese Hamilton (actor), Rachel Edwards (director)

Playwrights Dana Lynn Formby and Jacob Juntunen

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